About us


With more than 40 years’ experience in international freight forwarding and shipping, we’re proud to still be privately-owned. This gives us an advantage over many larger corporations as we can make agile decisions about our service and business to the benefit of our clients.

All of our directors are still actively involved in the day-to-day business, running a tight hand-picked team which makes it easy for us to do the best for our clients. We might be a smaller team than many, but we’re big on solutions and service.

We’re the very opposite of a faceless organisation filled with contact centres and myriad departments. Every one of our team – regardless of their role – has a basic understanding of all our clients. It makes your experience better, and adds to our resilience and ability to cope with unforeseen circumstances.

That’s why we’re trusted by many of the UK’s biggest names to handle their shipping needs. We’re proud to include several blue-chip companies among our long-standing clients.

Why the bird logo?

Our logo features the arctic tern (also known as the sea swallow) – the species with the longest migration in the animal kingdom. Some birds travel more than 56,000 miles every year, experiencing two summers as they cross continents.

The determination of the arctic tern as it embarks on such epic journeys embodies how we do business, striving for the right solution for our clients every time. And its incredible migration is not only a literal interpretation of our international service, but a reflection of our ethos about how far we will go for you.

Going the extra mile to make it easy for you

We combine our expertise and genuine care for our clients with specialist IT skills to make your freight forwarding easy.

Whether that’s sorting out the paperwork to ensure your shipment is compliant or handling customs clearance in-house, we’ll ensure your freight gets where it needs to, when it needs to. What more could you want?


“We are proud to be the second generation of the family managing the business and continue to deliver the values which have been at the core of our success since 1978…consistency, honesty and reliability. These values coupled with over 40 years of business experience enable us to deliver tailor made solutions at highly competitive prices, without our clients having to make a compromise.

Our aim is not to just meet the expectations of our clients, but to exceed them; giving clients the confidence to nominate us as their ‘Forwarding Agent’ of choice. By developing relationships and a solid understanding of our clients business, we can better serve their needs and work as a partnership to deliver a first class service.

This enables our clients to concentrate on what they do best, while we do the same!”

Andrew & Karen Phillips Jenkar Directors & Owners


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