Sea Freight

Sea Freight Solutions by Jenkar Shipping

Jenkar Shipping offers a comprehensive suite of sea freight services designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. With our expertly managed shipping and logistics, we ensure your cargo is transported across the seas efficiently and reliably.

Advantages of Sea Freight with Jenkar

Economical and Scalable: Sea freight is one of the most cost-effective methods for transporting large quantities of goods internationally. With our scalable solutions, we can handle shipments of any size, reducing your per-unit shipping costs and providing you with the flexibility to meet demand fluctuations.

Eco-Friendly Shipping: Sea transport is also a more environmentally sustainable option compared to other freight methods. By choosing Jenkar’s sea freight services, you’re opting for a greener supply chain, minimising the carbon footprint of your logistics activities.

Extensive Coverage: Our services span the globe, offering you extensive coverage and connectivity to key markets. With strategic partnerships and alliances, Jenkar ensures comprehensive port-to-port and door-to-door services, no matter the destination.

Safety and Security: We prioritise the safety and security of your cargo, employing rigorous checks and balances to ensure the integrity of your goods from origin to destination.

Jenkar’s Sea Freight Services

Full Container Load (FCL): For maximum efficiency and security, our FCL services offer you exclusive use of container space, ideal for high-volume shipping needs.

Less than Container Load (LCL): Our LCL options provide a cost-effective solution for smaller shipments, allowing you to pay only for the space you use.

Specialised Cargo Handling: Jenkar is adept at managing special cargo, including oversized, heavy-lift, or hazardous materials, with expert care and compliance.

Customs Clearance Expertise: We streamline your shipping process with our expert customs brokerage services, ensuring your cargo clears customs swiftly and without unnecessary delays.

Why Choose Jenkar for Sea Freight?

Reliable Transit Times: We understand the importance of predictability in shipping. Our reliable transit schedules mean you can plan your inventory with confidence, reducing stockouts and overstock situations.

Advanced Tracking Systems: Stay updated with the status of your shipments through our advanced tracking systems, which provide transparency and control over your sea freight.

Competitive Advantage: Partnering with Jenkar Shipping for your sea freight needs gives you a competitive edge by combining cost-effectiveness with exceptional service quality.

Full container loads (FCL)
Less than full container loads (LCL)
Break Bulk
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Irregular deliveries – refrigerated or hazardous
Out of gauge
Personal service

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