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5 Benefits of Air Freight Shipping

This close up image is of some cargo that will be loaded onto the plane in the background

When you have cargo that you need to send internationally, you may be left deciding which freight option is best for you. Each transportation method offers its own advantages however which need to be considered when choosing which option is best for your cargo and your business. Choosing to ship by air offers a host of benefits and is a popular choice for businesses looking to transport goods quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to its numerous advantages, air freight has become an essential and favoured option in the logistics industry. According to statistics, the air freight industry transports 51.2 million tonnes of cargo every year with this forecast to reach 57.7 million tonnes in 2023. We’ve rounded up the 5 top benefits of air freight shipping to help you decide if this is the right transport method for your cargo.

In this image cargo is in the process of being loaded onto the plane before take off.

Fast Transit Times

Probably the biggest advantage of air freight shipping is the speed at which cargo can be transported. Air freight is the fastest transport method when compared to sea freight and road freight. For those shipping time-sensitive cargo, including perishable items and medical equipment/supplies, then air freight is often the best option, with some shipments arriving as fast as the same day.

Reliable Shipping

If you’ve been to any airport in your lifetime, then you’ll know how many flights are coming in and out at any given time and how well scheduled they are. Thanks to the amount of arrivals and departures occurring on a daily basis, flight times are considered to be highly reliable, especially as how on top of schedules airlines can be. 

Even if your cargo is unable to fit onto one plane, it’s likely that there won’t be too much of a delay in getting it shipped as there are flights leaving every 1-2 hours.

In this close up shot, a British Airways plane has just taken off.

High Level of Security

Again, if you’ve ever stepped foot in an airport then you’re probably familiar with how tightly managed security is. This same level of security extends to air freight and cargo undergoes the same screening processes and strict regulations as luggage does. Because of this, your cargo is highly unlikely to be damaged or stolen.

This image displays the text customs office and an icon/image to represent it.

Lower Insurance, Warehousing and Packaging Costs

Whilst choosing to ship goods by air can be costly due to the price of jet fuel, there are some areas where you’re likely to save costs when selecting this shipping option. First of all, the insurance premium is lower due to the faster and therefore shorter transportation times. 

Quicker transit times also means that there is less of a need to store your goods in a local warehouse and your cargo can be inspected and cleared through customs in a matter of hours. You could also find yourself saving money (and time) on your packaging materials as air freight shipments require lightweight packing as opposed to the heavy packaging requirements of sea freight.  

Worldwide Destinations

No matter where your cargo needs to get to, it’s more than likely that shipping it by air will mean that it gets to exactly where it needs to be. Routes via sea and road freight can be limited, meaning that sometimes smaller countries are left out. However, airlines offer flights to destinations almost anywhere in the world and most locations can be delivered to via air.

This image shows the globe.

Shipping cargo by air freight may be more expensive compared to sea or road freight options however there are a whole range of advantages that come with this method of transportation. Air freight should especially be considered when needing to ship goods that are time-sensitive.
At Jenkar, we’re no strangers to shipping goods internationally by air and have vast experience in getting our client’s cargo to where it needs to be swiftly and efficiently. By choosing Jenkar as your freight forwarding provider, you’ll be rest assured that your goods will be handled with expertise and reach its destination with ease. Get in touch today to start building your air freight quote.

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