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Airfreight Pressure From Supply & Demand


Global air freight has been under pressure during recent weeks from high demand, less availability, full warehousing, labour shortages and Covid restrictions.

Its fair to say that the retail season has heavily contributed to demand of late, with both Black Friday and Christmas very much on the Horizon.

However, higher demand, the ongoing reduction in passenger flights and delays in ocean freight movements have been contributing all year.

Many of Europe’s major hubs have been reporting issues with congestion, including London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, and waiting times for both import and export cargo have been extended.

London Heathrow is struggling with significant warehousing delays, which has seen some airline sheds moving freight to Gatwick and back, to avoid further disruption.

US airports have also been impacted by overflowing airline warehouses since the onset of the pandemic, and China continues to suffer with a reduction in uplift capacity and backlogs.

The recent ‘boom’ in airfreight demand is expected to continue into next year, as reduced passenger flights impact capacity and overflow from the disrupted ocean freight market continues.

Jenkar’s airfreight division continues to find solutions during these diffuclt times. To find out more about our extensive range of services, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team.

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