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Australia Border Boost For Air Freight


The Australia prime minister – Scott Morrison – has confirmed the country will be relaxing its passenger arrival rules shortly which should be a big boost for air freight capacity.

The new regulations, effective from 21 February, allow entry to the country for fully vaccinated passengers without prior exemptions and testing. After nearly two years of strict Covid border restrictions, this is widely being considered a “reopening” of borders.

Passenger flights contribute a large portion of the air freight capacity into Australia, but currently the number of flights have been significantly reduced due to the tight border controls and inability for many travellers to enter.

Prior to the pandemic, around 22 million kgs of air freight cargo was arriving on around 2,000 international flights per week. However, current levels have seen a reduction to around 10-15% of that number.

The expected increase in passengers and flights, once the new rules come in, should lead to significant increases in the capacity available during the coming weeks and months.

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