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China Restrictions Starting To Ease


China has reduced some of its lockdown restrictions recently in a change to the government’s zero tolerance approach, which has been hampering export production.

The changes include no PCR testing on public transport, which should assist with the mass travel traditionally associated with next month’s Chinese New Year.

While many logistics restrictions remain, including truck drivers needing to provide 24-hour Covid tests, certain restrictions on cross-border trucking between Hong Kong and mainland China have now been lifted.

Drivers from Hong Kong can now now enter Guangdong, instead of using designated checkpoints to pick up and drop off containers, which increased costs and added up to 24 hours to transit times.

The recent lift of restrictions may be an indication that China is starting to move away from its Covid stance. Regions in the country have been in and out of lockdowns for three years, when other major nations have learnt to live with the virus.

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