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China’s Covid Struggles Continue


Covid cases are on the rise again in the city of Shanghai, leading to mass testing being introduced and concerns of further lockdown measures.

China has a zero tolerance approach to the virus and while new cases had reduced to single digits, they have been over 50 for four days in a row, leading to concerns that rolling lockdowns may be witnessed for the rest of this year.

The port of Shanghai is already suffering from port congestion and the city has only been out of lockdown for five weeks.

However, around 30 million people throughout China remain under some form of restrictions, so Shanghai is not alone in its struggles. The current hot spots include Henan province and the city of Guangzhou, which has also restarted mass testing.

Bad weather has been another factor, which has impacted operations at the ports of Qingdao, Ningbo, Shenzhen and Hong Kong during recent times.

As congestion continues during the start of the peak season, concerns are mounting that carriers will react with more blanked sailings on the trade.

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