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Disruption Likely As France Strikes


A national strike is expected to cause disruption throughout France on Thursday, 19th January, as much of the population protest against President Macron’s pension reforms.

The country’s major unions are coming together for the first time in many years to oppose the reforms, which would see the retirement age increase from 62 to 64.

The public are seemingly very much against the government’s proposals and have been asked to take to the streets to protest in strategic locations throughout the nation. This is expected to create disruption within cities, on transport routes, and at ports and airports.

With countrywide protests expected, it may be inevitable that some services will be impacted moving in or out of the country. This may also include international movements to or from other countries that transit French ports and airports.

Jenkar will be monitoring the situation closely. In the meantime, should you have concerns about urgent shipments then please do not hesitate a member of the Jenkar team.

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