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Factory Lockdowns For China’s Zhejiang Province


Covid outbreaks in China’s Zhejiang province have led to another lockdown, with multiple factory closures impacting production.

The Yangtze Delta area has seen factory operations suspended indefinitely within the commercial hub, which includes the cities of Ningbo, Shaoxing, and Hangzhou.  

Zhejiang authorities confirmed this week that the province will be subject to strict travel controls, which are believed to be effective beyond Chinese New Year.

Individuals are prevented from traveling in and out of the region until at least next year and further restrictions have been placed on truck movements, heavily affecting Ningbo port.

The above has immediately led to reduced collection and delivery availability in the region and a hike in transport costs.

Jenkar continue to provide our usual services to and from the region. However, please contact a member of the team should you have any concerns about current movements.

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