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Jenkar Toastie The Difference


The Jenkar Directors have been at it again, once more they couldn’t resist the opportunity to provide the team with a fabulous traditional culinary treat.

By paying for the temporary services of ‘Toastie The Difference’ to be located on site at Jenkar’s Yorkshire HQ, we were able to ensure the staff received delicious toasties, served to order during the day.

Last time around, the guys were treated to home made yorkshire puddings and following on the theme, what could be more traditional than a toastie?

We are glad to report that the tasting was a big success, although it’s fair to say that some took more advantage of the opportunity than others!

Did You Know?

  1. The toastie can be traced in a recipe book as far back as 1861.
  2. The default recipe in the US includes American Cheese, which is why toasties are usually referred to as a ‘grilled cheese’ by Americans.
  3. Australian’s call toasties a ‘Jaffle’ or a ‘Breville’ after the two biggest manufacturers of hot sandwich makers.

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