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North American Wild West: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


The Good

This week, due to very recent improvements in congestion at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, port officials decided to delay the introduction of its ‘Container Excess Dwell Fee’.

The new fee is a penalty being introduced to importers whose containers are delayed in port and had been recommended by President Biden’s supply chain task force.

Originally due to be introduced this week, the penalty fee has been delayed until ‘at least’ 22 November, as the number of containers being held up in port has reduced by 26% since the announcement of the incoming fee this month.

The Bad

Logistics delays continue throughout the USA, with the West Coast still amongst the worst to be affected, being the gateway for Asia/North American trade.

Whether importing or exporting to or from North America, delays should be expected in ports, airports, transport, warehouses and rail freight terminals due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

The Ugly

Torrential rainfall, from a storm battering the North West Coast in the past 24 hours, has resulted in floods and landslides around Vancouver, which has effectively cut the city and port off from the rest of Canada.

Sections of major highways have been effectively washed away and rail services have been cancelled in the region, with at least one train being derailed during the storm.

Supply chains in and around Vancouver have ground to a halt as major floods are severely impacting just about every aspect of logistics right now.

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