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Pirates Try To Hijack Container Ship


Earlier this week, pirates attempted to hijack the vessel ‘MSC Lucia’ in the Gulf of Guinea, before being seen off by the Russian navy.

After approaching the merchant vessel by speed boat, just off the West Coast of Africa, the armed attackers boarded the ship as the crew retreated to the engine room.

Fortunately, a Russian helicopter carrying a party of marines was nearby and responded quickly to the ship’s distress call. As the helicopter approached, the pirates fled immediately back towards the coast.

It is currently thought that the same armed gang have since boarded an offshore supply vessel in the area.

Hijacking attempts of this nature are extremely rare, but are not a new threat to shipping. The hollywood film ‘Captain Phillips’, based on a true story and starring Tom Hanks, depicted a similar but more dramatic event on Africa’s East Coast in 2009.

On that occasion, which also involved a speed boat approach and the crew hiding in the engine room, the captain was kidnapped before the US Navy intervened.

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