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Shanghai Lockdowns & Airfreight

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After the city enters its fourth week of lockdown, airfreight through Shanghai has been severely disrupted, which has had a knock on-effect for other Chinese airports.

There were high hopes that the Shanghai lockdown was easing recently but some districts now face a tightening of restrictions as authorities attempt to eradicate cases neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

Shanghai Airport (PVG) has remained open, but strict rules regarding the movement of trucks in and out of the airport have caused the biggest disruption. This, along with flight cancellations, have led to a 50% reduction in the volume moving recently.

Shanghai is a major international hub, which means exports from surrounding regions have had to be diverted to other Chinese airports, resulting in more congestion at Zhengzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Airports, such as the above, have incurred a shortage of airline pallets and storage space, which is hampering the flow of air cargo.

While Jenkar are monitoring developments closely, we suggest customers speak to a member of the team for the latest information, before arranging any urgent bookings.

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