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Shanghai: Recovery Not As Bad As Predicted


Shanghai came out of a six week lockdown on June 1st, with fears that the recovery and backlogs would have an immediate negative impact on space and capacity.

However, the signs so far are that the expected chaos has not materialised and the current situation is better than originally feared.

Production and manufacturing have resumed in the region, and while volume has not quite recovered to pre-lockdown levels, overall export output has improved and so far been coped with.

The biggest challenge is finding truckers in and out of the Shanghai area, and that is exasperated further during the occasional implementation of mass quarantine measures, which have continued since the lockdown ended.

The upcoming traditional peak season period may tell a different story, but there is an industry opinion that ongoing volumes will not be as strong this year.

The team at Jenkar continue to monitor the situation. Should you require further information on the above, or want to find out more about our Asian services, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

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