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Unexpected Closure of the Channel Tunnel


We at Jenkar Shipping Ltd are committed to providing timely updates on developments that significantly impact our industry. Today, we address the unexpected strike by French workers at Eurotunnel, leading to the closure of the Channel Tunnel – a crucial link between Britain and continental Europe.

This interruption of cross-Channel rail traffic comes at a critical time, potentially affecting the Christmas holiday plans of many travellers and presenting considerable logistical challenges. As a key player in the logistics and shipping sector, we understand the importance of this route for both passenger and freight transport.

In response to this unforeseen event, our team is actively working with partners and stakeholders to minimise disruptions and maintain the flow of goods and services. We are diligently monitoring the situation and adjusting our operations to ensure continuity and reliability in our services.

At Jenkar Shipping, we believe in the strength of collaboration and resilience, especially in facing challenges that are beyond our control. We are dedicated to keeping our clients and partners informed and supported during this period.

Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in Jenkar Shipping.

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