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What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay In Vegas


Two of the Jenkar team have returned from Las Vegas after attending the ‘Adobe Coldfusion Summit 2022’, in what was a great opportunity to learn and enhance our technological capabilities.

Our very own Alistair Ward and Matas Bernotas attended the tenth edition of the three day marquee event and certification programme, which had not been held for three years following the outbreak of Covid.

The ‘usually’ annual event offered Alistair and Matas the opportunity to meet coders from around the globe, learn from industry professionals, and to dive into Adobe’s latest releases, while exploring coding like never before. 

The pair had an amazing experience and were able to listen to some exceptional tech professionals discussing incredible topics, which included general application security, correct authentication and ways of protecting our existing systems.

On the third day, they attended the one-day workshop to improve their current skill sets, while completing the examination to earn their Adobe certificates.

The mini-adventure will help us to build and maintain better solutions for customers in both upcoming and current products. Therefore, in this case, what happened in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas!

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