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Asia: Over 50 Blanked Sailings So Far In 2023

Sea Freight

Shipping lines operating from Asia have collectively cancelled over 50 European bound sailings already in 2023, as they mitigate the fall in demand from the East.

China has been the worst affected, with demand in the build up to the current Chinese New Year holiday being way down on previous years and lower than expected.

The traditional nature of the two week factory closures, that follow Chinese New Year’s Day, means it takes some time for export production to crank up. However, the worry this year is that volumes may continue to be significantly low until the peak season in the summer.

If that is the case then the trade will undoubtedly be witnessing a continuation of blanked sailings and schedule disruption.

Jenkar are monitoring the situation closely. Should you require further information on the above, or details of our extensive range of services from Asia, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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