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Canadian Anti Jab Protests Set To Hit Washington


During the past few weeks, Canada has been heavily impacted by driver convoys protesting against mandatory Covid vaccinations for drivers on US cross border journeys.

The demonstrations started with truckers obstructing strategic bridges to delay trade between the two countries. More recently this developed into three weeks of blockades in the Canadian capital – Ottawa – as trucks lined major routes in and out of the city.

It is now reported that at least three trucking groups are planning trips to Washington DC, to choke traffic around the US Capital.

A group calling itself the ‘People’s Convoy’ is due to leave California any time now. They plan a ten stop journey, which will build protestors along the way in states such as Arizona, Ohio and Maryland. Another group called ‘American Truckers’ is one of two that are expected to join in Ohio.

Concerns of copycat action in the US have been building for some time. Last week saw demonstrations at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, NY, although no attempt was made to interfere with the flow of cross border traffic.

The Canadian protests have impacted logistics, they are believed to have reduced cross border movements by around 10% in the past few weeks. Canada is a much used exit point for US Mid-West exports, although the majority of this is actually moved by rail.

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