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Covid Variations In Chinese Port Fortunes


Like many countries, China is currently fighting against outbreaks and waves of the Omicron variant. Operating a strict approach to regional regulations and lockdowns, this is having an impact on ocean ports around the country and the situation remains very fluid.

We have witnessed heavy delays with the Port of Ningbo over recent weeks, where the introduction of increased driver regulations have made it almost impossible to get containers on and off of the terminal. As a result, many export shipments that would usually exit Ningbo have been routed through Shanghai at additional cost.

More recently, the same can be said of both Shenzhen and Tianjin, where city lockdowns and driver restrictions have caused similar delays through both ports. On the flip side Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai and Xiamen were operating relatively normally as of last week.

As we have now entered the final build up to Chinese New Year, which starts 1st February and results in a week’s public holiday and factory closures, there is the potential for carriers to change port rotations at the last minute. If particular ports are not operating to their full potential during this busy fortnight, then they may chose to reroute vessels to other nearby alternatives.

Therefore, with the covid situation so fluid, we encourage customers with any urgent, pre Chinese New Year, shipments from China to contact us for the latest information before arranging.

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