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Stowaway Survives Long Haul Freight Flight


Incredibly, a stowaway survived a long haul flight from Africa into Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport this week, after hiding in the wheel section of the Cargolux Boeing 747 freighter.

The flight left Johannesburg on Sunday and stopped off at Nairobi before continuing on an 8-hour flight to Europe, although it is currently unclear where the man got on.

After the flight arrived, and the stowaway was discovered alive, emergency services rushed to the scene to attend to him. The man’s body temperature was raised and by the time the ambulance arrived he was able to answer basic questions. He is believed to be doing well in hospital considering the incredible circumstances.

During flights, temperatures can drop to as low as -63C, which brings on hypothermia. At 18,000ft (5,490m), hypoxia sets in, where the whole or part of the body is deprived of an adequate oxygen supply. It causes weakness, tremors, light-headedness and eyesight problems.

Risk of death also includes being crushed when landing gear retracts, frostbite and acidosis – the build-up of acid in body fluids which can cause coma or death.

The chance of surviving a long haul flight is very low, which makes this stowaway a very lucky man.

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