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Two Cargo Ships Collide In Baltic Sea


Two cargo ships have collided this morning (Monday 13th December) in the Baltic Sea, with one capsizing and two crew members currently missing.

The incident took place near the Swedish coastal town of Ystad at around 3.30am today, sparking a frantic rescue operation for two men feared to be in the water.

The British vessel Scot Carrier collided with the Danish-flagged Karin Hoej off the south coast of Sweden, before the Danish ship capsized.

The two vessels are general cargo ships, rather than the container ships that serve the majority of today’s trading needs, but this incident serves as a warning of the risks involved in ocean freight.

Jenkar would like to remind importers and exporters of the need to ensure adequate cargo insurance is in place for all shipments.

With carriers, airlines, hauliers and freight forwarders all operating with limited liabilities in place, cargo insurance is your only protection for full loss should incidents like this occur.

Should you be unsure of what insurances you have in place, then please do not hesitate to contact us to assist.

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