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APL Vanda Now Omits UK Port Call

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The vessel APL Vanda, which lost 55 containers overboard in a storm on 3rd July, will now not call at the UK on its current voyage.

The vessel was originally idling off the East African coast for a few days, before making an emergency call at the Port of Djibouti to remove around 30 more containers that were damaged in the incident.

Now the ship is heading towards the port of Tangier (eta 6th August) to have all of the UK containers removed before heading off to European ports without calling at the UK.

Instead, the UK containers will be collected from Tangier by another vessel which is not due to arrive in Southampton until 23rd August, 37 days later than the originally vessel was due.

This is most certainly a major blow for UK import customers that have been waiting for news of when there goods would finally arrive from Asia.

While there will be a reluctant understanding that delays may be incurred when a major incident like this occurs, the decision from the carrier to omit the UK and add further delays to UK freight has added insult to injury.

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