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Are You Ready For Brexit Phase 2?


Brexit Phase 2 is approaching and there are some important changes coming, on January 1st 2022, to the way the UK handles EU imports and exports – Are you ready?

If not, then it is important to get prepared to avoid having products stuck at UK or EU borders when the new model goes live. 

Since Jan 2021We are currently in Border Operating Model Phase 1
This has been a period of ‘limited’ border checks and we have had the ability to defer customs declarations.

From Jan 2022 – We move to Border Operating Model Phase 2
Customs declarations must be completed prior to arrival, failure to do so will result in delays and potentially additional costs.

From Jan 2023 – We move to Border Operating Model Phase 3
Mandatory certificates of veterinary and phytosanitary goods required, with cargo inspection at Border Control Posts and mandatory security declarations – ENS.

For now, its is important to be focused on the imminent changes that come in with phase two. Being aligned with a credible road or short sea freight carrier that can professionally accommodate your customs requirements – such as Jenkar – will be essential.

We are expecting custom declaration and entry services to be in high demand once we enter phase two, so please try to discuss your 2022 customs and logistics requirements with us in advance.

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