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One Year On & For ‘Ever’ Grounded


It is a full year since the ‘Ever Given’ was finally released from the banks of the Suez Canal after blocking the route for a week and wreaking havoc with international trade.

However, in an ironic turn of fate, the ‘Ever Forward’ containership is currently grounded in Chesapeake Bay, on the US East Coast, and has been stuck for the past two weeks.

The vessel, owned by the same Taiwanese carrier as the infamous ‘Ever Given’, is thankfully not blocking the shipping channel between Norfolk and Baltimore, but it is proving difficult to refloat.

On March 13th, the ship was travelling through the Craighill Channel, which is about 50 feet deep. According to the US Coast Guard, it then travelled outside the channel into water that was only about 25 feet deep, before becoming grounded in mud and clay.

An attempt to refloat the vessel is expected today – exactly one year after the ‘Ever Given’ was refloated.

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