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Shanghai Delays – Lockdowns and Sailings


Shanghai is continuing its city wide lockdown, which has applied for almost the past two weeks, but there has now been an easing in regulations in some regions.

Covid cases remain high, but with adjustments to the regulations, this could be the first sign that the city is about to start returning to some normality.

While this can be seen as a positive step, the disruption to logistics may be set to continue, as even when transport restrictions are lifted there will likely be a capacity squeeze as everybody rushes to get backlogged orders moved.

This may well be further impacted by the carriers recent decision to blank more sailings in reaction to the Covid led slowdown in transport, the recent dip in demand, and rates reducing on some trade lanes.

The Jenkar team are watching the situation closely. Should you require further information, or details of our extensive range of Asian services, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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